Ion exchange Resins used in softener or D.M. plants get contaminated with troublesome deposits of Metallic Oxides, Slit, Dead Micro-biological growth and other suspended matter. These foulants contaminate and coat the resin particles, resulting in drastic reduction in resin exchange capacity.

In the ion-exchange field the problem of removing iron oxides from synthetic organic and the natural inorganic ion exchangers, which are employed under conditions conducive to the fouling of the resin or other ion exchanger with such compounds, has been one of very long standing. Unless the iron oxides are removed, the ion exchangers become so contaminated therewith that further ion-exchange processing with those materials is practically out of the question. One reason for this is that the pores of the resins become so plugged with the iron oxides that there is relatively little surface area in those pores which remain sutliciently exposed for ion exchange to take place at a large number of the resins ion exchange sites.

Elbee-31 is specially formulated with new generation of chemicals which is non-corrosive; it is effective at low dosages. Using Elbee 31 on regular basis will effectively prevent resin fouling.

Dosage range from 7.5 to 10 Kgs of Elbee 31 per 100 Liters of resin / year depending upon severity of fouling. Our experts shall recommend you proper dosage.

Appearance : Colorless to Pale yellow.
Sp. Gravity : 1.05 @ 25’C