This product is designed to produce light finely divided particles, which are non adherent and easily removed by blow down. It is an alkaline formulation used to increase the alkalinity in boilers. It is used to reduce corrosion of feed water tank, lines and pump. Elbee-103 is highly stable and does not decompose under high temperature and pressure conditions of the boiler. Its additional feature is of minimizing iron oxide deposition by reducing ferric oxides to the desirable black oxide magnetite.

PERFORMANCE: Elbee-103 offers a variety of performance and application benefits,
1. Affords excellent corrosion protection.
2. Prevents deposition of hardness salts.
3. Ensure pH limits in Boiler internal.
4. Excellent disperser of suspended solids.

DOSAGE: A residual concentration of 5-15 PPM is usually maintained in boiler. The right treatment level may vary depending on operating conditions like water characteristics and boiler pressure. Elbee-103 is readily soluble in water and can be dosed as such or diluted. It must not be mixed with other water treatment chemicals prior to feeding.

Appearance : Brown liquid
Solubility : Infinite.
PH : 12.
Handling : Elbee-103 is highly alkaline, avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, wash with water and get medical attention.
PACKING: 35 kgs. in HDPE carboys