The presence of dissolved oxygen is one of the most serious factor in causing corrosion and pitting in the boiler. The combined action of water and oxygen reacts with the iron present in the steel to form oxides of iron. This rust or corrosion which consists of eating away or dissolving of the metal, can take place over a wide area in the boiler or can be localized to form pits.

PERFORMANCE: Elbee-101 offers a variety of performance and application benefits,
1. It is a catalyzed chemical formulation that reacts immediately with the oxygen present in the water and renders it harmless.
2. Compatible with other treatment chemicals.

ELBEE-101 is to be added straight in boiler feed water de-aerator tank using proper dosing equipments. As and when it comes in contact with dissolved oxygen of feed water it reacts with them to form harmless compound which are ejected during boiler blow-down. Our experts will recommend you proper dosage.

ELBEE-101 is compatible with most chemicals used in total boiler water treatment programs.

Appearance : Colorless liquid
Sp. Gravity @ 25’C : 0.95 to 1.05(app).
Solubility : Infinite.
PH : 10 to 11
Handling Precautions: Avoid direct contact with skin, in case of contact wash with plenty of water and get medical attention.
35 kgs in HDPE carboys.