ELBEE-51 is a complete multipurpose treatment for feed water. The product is specially formulated to control Scale, Corrosion, Sludge deposits and Foaming in low pressure Boilers. The product is easy to handle and aids to steam purity.

1. Deposits and scaling: Deposits in boiler may result from scaling, dissolved salts in water, chemicals used for internal treatment & corrosion products formed in boiler.
2. Corrosion: It may result from low pH, dissolved oxygen, CO2 & Caustic corrosion.
3. Carryover: The causes of carryover are High TDS, Caustic Alkalinity & Oil/organic material present in water.
4. Condensate line corrosion.

PERFORMANCE: Elbee-51 offers variety of performance & application benefits,
1. Ready and easy to use liquid.
2. Retains higher levels of hardness in the water thus holds blow-down to a minimum.
3. Prevents deposition of hardness salts.
4. Ensure high mobility of phosphate sludge.
5. Excellent disperser of suspended solid matters.

Based on treated water hardness up to 10 PPM, we recommend 50-100 PPM dosage of Elbee-51. The dosage varies with feed water quality and boiler water concentration limits. Any convenient feed equipment can be used in proportion to the water flow is preferred.

Specifications Handaling Precautions Packing
Appearance – Colourless Avoid direct contact with skin 35 Kgs in HDPE Carboys
Sp.Gravity – 1.1 to 1.2(apx) In case of contact wash with
Soloubility – Infinite Plenty of water and get
pH – 7.0 to 8.0 Medical attention