Elbee-201 is a broad spectrum micro biocide for controlling the growth of algae, fungi & bacteria in water circulating system. It is a quaternary ammonium base chemical powerful dispersant and stabilizer to give effective control of microbiological fouling due to various bacteria. Microbiological growth in open evaporative cooling water systems can cause numerous problems such as plugging of lines and filters, corrosion and deterioration of Cooling Tower timber. Regular use of Elbee-201not only keeps your cooling system Algae free but protect your system from microbiologically influenced corrosion also. Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) is a corrosion in which microorganisms contribute to the corrosion process. The most serious cases are when their action generates conditions that start corrosion, which would otherwise not have happened. MIC is particularly favored under stagnant conditions where the microorganisms can produce a bio-film that is not easily swept away by fluid flow.

PERFORMANCE: Elbee-201 offers a variety of performance and application benefits,
1. Broad spectrum activity against aerobic & anaerobic bacteria.
2. Effective micro biocide against algae & fungi.
3. Stable over wide range of temperature and pH of water.
4. Compatible with other water treatment chemicals.
5. Non-pollutant and low toxicity.
6. Can be dosed directly into the system.
7. Non-volatile and is not lost from the system by evaporation.

DOSAGE: The recommended dose of Elbee-201 is 350 ppm weekly on Make-up water. If severe condition exist high dosage may be required. It is preferable to clean entire cooling system before switching to above treatment.

1. Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
2. Keep the container closed when not in use.
3. Use goggles and rubber hand gloves while handling this product.
4. Avoid direct contact with skin. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water. And get medical attention.

35 kgs in HDPE carboys.