Elbee 11 is an acid based formulation specially formulated to remove water scales from Steam Boilers and Cooling equipments. It is incorporated with very effective corrosion inhibitors to protect metal ions from corrosion. Elbee-11 is a powerful scale, calcium, lime and rust remover suitable for use on most materials. It does not present the same health and safety concerns associated with most other mineral acid base products.

Elbee-11 is effective as it will clean and remove calcium and water hardness deposits, or rust & scale off steel within seconds and at room temperature! Equivalent active 5%solutions of Elbee-11 will consume approximately twice the amount of calcium thanphosphoric acid based products and about Four times more than conventional productsavailable in the market.

Elbee-11 is versatile as it can be used in just about any cleaning application where acid base products are used. Elbee-11 is stable for up to one year or longer when stored as recommended.

Dosage: Initial dose 2-5% of Elbee11 on total hold-up water until pH becomes <1 under circulation @ 60 degree centigrade. Add extra chemical to maintain pH <1 throughout descaling process.

ELBEE-11 offers a variety of performance and application benefits
1. Elbee-11 is a fully effective descalant of Ca ,Mg salts ,Slits ,Silica and Sludge .
2. Operating pH<2 with 50-60’c temperature in Boiler recirculation system.
3. Cooling water recirculation system pH<2 at 40-50’c for better performance.

Specifications Handaling Precautions Packing
Appearance – Brown Liquid Avoid direct contact with 40 Kgs in HDPE Carboys
Sp.Gravity – 1.13 to 1.15 Skin in case of contact wash
Soloubility – Water Soluble With plenty of water and get
pH – Acidic Medical attention