Elbee-21 is specially formulated based on advance technology for corrosion & scale control in cooling water system. It is an organophosphonate based treatment chemical with excellent dispersing agent.

Cooling Water Problems
Scaling: Water formed deposits result from naturally occurring minerals precipitating from water to form scale. The most common scales are calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and silica/silicates. Scale build-up on surfaces can be extremely hard and difficult to remove.

Corrosion: Cooling system is exposed to many types of corrosion from general electrochemical corrosion to pitting caused by deposits, electrolysis or micro-organisms. Corrosion can reduce the life span of equipment by years; which requires expensive replacement and production downtime.

Fouling: Fouling occurs when solid materials form or contribute to the formation of deposits on equipment surfaces. They are introduced to the system as suspended solids and may enter by make-up water. Examples include mud, sand, silt, oils, debris, organics, microbes etc. These materials adhere to heat transfer surfaces and reduce heat transfer & water flow.

Elbee-21 prevents:
1. Scale formation in heat transfer areas.
2. Fouling by accumulation of suspended solids and corrosion products.
3. Corrosion of cooling equipments.

DOSAGE: The recommended dose of Elbee-21 is 50 ppm on Make-up water if severe condition exist high dosage may be required. It is preferable to clean entire cooling system before switching to above treatment.

Specifications Handaling Precautions Packing
Appearance – Colourless Avoid direct contact with skin 35 Kgs in HDPE Carboys
Sp.Gravity – 1.1 to 1.2(apx) In case of contact wash with
Soloubility – Infinite Plenty of water and get
pH – 8.0 to 9.0 Medical attention